November 2017

Carrying Out Plans

One of the parts of our practice that has become important to all of us here at Stewart Law is advising Executors. Really, it's guiding families through important legal and financial decisions at a very difficult time in their lives. For example, it's rewarding to meet with someone who has a basket of letters, receipts, notices and the like (and an expression of exasperation or exhaustion), and watching them leave our office after 60 or 90 minutes with their back a little straighter, head a little higher, and an overall more relaxed demeanor. Even when the list seems overwhelming, we are skilled at helping our clients organize the tasks and take small steps each week to move the process forward in a productive and efficient manner.

Maybe another reason this area is so satisfying is that we've truly had a team effort developing, and constantly refining, a process that makes this period as easy as it can be for our clients. Above is an example showing how we move from the Discovery phase, through to a Plan that we can Implement and Monitor. Our paralegals and lawyers, working closely together with our client's other advisors, are always looking for new ways to make the client feel a little more comfortable, and in a better position in the many ways where we have an opportunity, such as reducing taxes and other expenses, increasing family harmony, and reducing liability exposure. It is a period where you can bring plans, and dreams, full circle to benefit those who were top of mind when our clients told us what they wanted their Will, Trusts and other documents to help them achieve.