March 2015

Have You Worked On Your Legacy?

Founded in 1995, Stewart Law is beginning its third decade working with successful entrepreneurs, professionals and families. Our practice gives us a unique perspective on trends as we are fortunate to work with clients achieving greater success in their businesses, professions and families.

The pyramid below shows what we've observed as the 3 levels of estate planning. Among the most successful, a Level I step is to have a current Will, Trust and Powers of Attorney. Even working at Level I may put you in the top 20% or better. Some clients are motivated to work on Level II planning and take steps to add legal techniques that add to their own financial security. They may also dedicate resources to designing a more custom financial structure for their children's future, both in terms of inherited wealth and earned wealth.

Still others are working on Level III goals that involve matters beyond just wealth, including Family Mission Statements, Values and Principles. Whatever your current level of planning, as long as you are engaged in the process, you should congratulate yourself as being among a select group with the ability and foresight to dedicate current resources to long-term family goals. To review the 3 Levels of Estate Planning diagram in it's entirety click here.