Smart Estate Plan Guidance For International Clients

As part of our comprehensive services for international business owners and professionals, we advise non-citizens and non-residents of the United States in matters of wealth transfer, taxation law and estate planning.

Non-citizens and non-residents do not enjoy the same benefits under the American tax code as people who live and work here permanently. In addition, obstacles can arise when an estate plan is written in one country and affects people or assets in another.

Our Experience Makes A Difference

Our attorneys have extensive experience in international business administration as well as tax law, making them uniquely qualified to develop, then execute estate plans across national boundaries. We have counseled professionals around the world to help them meet their personal and professional estate planning goals.

Our founder, lawyer Todd A. Stewart, has been named a board-certified specialist in estate planning and probate law by the North Carolina State Bar, meaning he has demonstrated special knowledge, skill and proficiency in this area of law.

As a small law firm, we are able to provide our clients with an exceptional level of personalized service that is efficient and cost-effective. We are able to respond to your concerns promptly and decisively, acting as tireless advocates for you and your loved ones.

We Will Tailor A Plan To Your Unique Needs

We believe that a close attorney-client relationship is essential to your success, and we pride ourselves on giving each client our full attention and care. Our international partners with dual citizenship receive the same care and attention as our neighbors in the Carolinas.

To speak with one of our experienced, knowledgeable business and estate planning attorneys, please contact us in Charlotte, North Carolina, at 704-594-4207 to arrange a consultation.