Corporate Success Stories

  • We helped a client design a plan to sell stock to key employees. The arrangement has been in place several years and the company has prospered and benefits from separate owners to focus on long-range and day-to-day business functions.
  • Advised a client who was considering a sale of his business to establish trusts for his children and other entities to protect the future proceeds and provide maximum benefits for the client and his family upon the eventual sale of the business.
  • Assisted a client in structuring the sale of his business and later reacquiring it when the buyer ran into financial problems. Our client has seen record profits since coming back into the business and today enjoys running it.
  • Counseled a client on the development of a phantom stock for employees with the goal of incenting them to achieve certain well-defined goals.
  • Worked with a client and his CPA to merge 2 corporations thereby streamlining the operations and reducing costs.
  • Assisted 3 prospective business owners in forming their business in a manner that reflects their profit-sharing goals and protects their personal assets. Following this we helped them establish contracts with key customers and vendors.
  • Counseled a client who was exiting his business on the best practices to avoid unnecessary trailing liability.
  • Helped an ongoing service firm memorialize in a legally binding manner the management arrangement and plans upon the death (or other departure) of any of the owners.