Charlotte Business Law Attorneys

Stewart Law, P.A., is a North Carolina law firm with a record of success and a reputation for excellence throughout Charlotte and the surrounding area. We are committed to helping our clients establish and run successful businesses while planning for a sound financial future.

Our lawyers serve a broad spectrum of businesses, from local, family-run companies to international organizations looking to establish a presence in the United States. Our size and agility allow us to respond quickly and creatively to our clients' legal concerns at affordable rates.

Our commitment to producing positive results while ensuring an excellent client experience is reflected in our tenets:

  • We listen more than we talk.
  • We do our homework and document your options, but we start by communicating the bottom line recommendation.
  • We respond to all messages promptly.
  • We avoid surprising our clients with what we plan to do, how soon we'll get it done, what the cost will be and what results they can expect.

Handling A Wide Range Of Estate Planning Issues

We also develop comprehensive, tax-saving estate plans that preserve our clients' personal and financial interests, including wills, trusts and other advance directives. When an estate plan is already in place, we can help personal representatives and other heirs administer the estate and navigate the probate process.

Our corporate law background makes us uniquely qualified to help business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals meet their estate planning goals. We also help international clients establish estate plans that make the most of their unique standing under federal tax law.

Let Us Start Work On Your Solution Today

From our office in the Dilworth area of Charlotte, we serve clients throughout the metropolitan area, the Carolinas and all over the world. Our attorneys combine the service and resources one may expect from a large law firm with the reasonable fees and commitment to personal service that characterize smaller firms.

To learn more about our experience and our commitment to your success, please call 704-594-4207 or complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation.